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This is my track 'She -Male Nurse ' I remember that I wrote on October 17. First, everybody accepts that hospitals in Leeds, Paula, a pseudonym, and she is not in the department orthopedic more. But she still works there. s I went to the National Railway Museum in York this morning, because for ages I did not want to take a look at the new 'works' that have already established portal and the ' Shinkansen ' (bullet train) would have been, it was a rapetube gift from Japan. anyway, I was walking around with about 10:30 came too late after the opening. I rapetube standing (so do) must look with admiration, ' duck ' and Brunel Potrait is above. A interuppted voice my thoughts. ' K **, are you ? rapetube ' I turned to my side and it was my ex - lover Paula approached me with another pair of girls. We hugged and kissed, had not set eyes on it for more than 6 months and I saw that as beautiful as ever. Lucious still brown hair flowing over her shoulders, she was dressed simply with a long skirt, leather, white shirt, a denim jacket that was not on the breasts that had to hide so well remembered, on the shirt. AsI watched them, I'm in high -heeled boots on her beautiful legs. ' These are my friends, Katie Sarah. We have a house together,' shared Sarah and I salute. She was quite large, about 5 ' 10 ', short pageboy blond, wearing a long coat, trench type, as they have a slim figure dressed in a dark blue rapetube open dress moved. I felt I knew her from somewhere , but where ? Katie was a little more advanced, like Sarah, she could no more than 5 '3', but have very voluptuous with him. wearing what rapetube appeared to be ( if you do not know) the tip of a maid rapetube costume, I could not see the bottom, and also had a longer skirt on. dress , which would be reasonable in the public sector of other friends of Paula 's that I was in Manchester for our common commands breasts. Katie were even morepronounced than Paula, who had stared at me and stop when we were there. had to ask why there were three beautiful girls and here in a museum full of trains? rapetube Even when asked, knew that Paula had a degree in mechanical engineering at Leeds University before deciding to train nurses. , but to my surprise, Sarah also had the same path as did Paula. Katie had to come together to do something. As we talked, we went to shoot, because they are also notable exhibitions as well as others. Paula reminds me of the photos I took of each other, they said they still have a number of mines. I thought about it and yes, it was as had been suggested to play 'games'. had everything I did, I would be a long dark wig, which was tied in braids worn. was in full uniform of the old school with high heels, black rapetube stockings suspenders (not his real uniform, because it would be slacks) to You know, the archetype of St. Trinians style. I remembered the day she spoke and spiritually scientifiched of an issue. It was almost noon, and everyone wanted to eat ( I especially but not only for dinner !) Suggested Katie, we will call back home to McDonalds to eat like a struggle, to find an index clear. So we went out and Paula got into my car has Sarah Katie Katie in ' Focus. When I went to the drive-through I had to ask so many questions to Paula. Did you know that the 'secret '? I knew Sarah for her, 'Where was the house? chose to McD and went in the direction of Fulford, ' land of the students, many houses for rent, 'says Paula. We through a nice big mid '60 ' s, with a nice big garden rapetube and parking for cars on the busy thoroughfare. Katie opened the door, follow. was not much for a while as we ate . Sarah was the first to speak : 'Katie, come and help me to make a tea, they have two things to catch up,' way left. Paula came right in my arms I hugged and kissed. I returned the favor with equal passion. When I was carefully lifting his shirt Sarah entered the room again, with Katie following with a cup of tea - tray. lay down and went out again. Sarah began to wonder what hospital he was working, so I told him. At this point I asked him what he knew exactly ' cards on the table, Sarah ' you know that Paula is 'secret ' and that my employment with them, and Katie. In this moment the door opened rapetube again and again Katie, who had apparently taken, out of her bra, as I could clearly see her nipples protruding. I had no clues about the tip, while still in the rock. Paula took mine and led me to the door and told the other: 'See you soon ' I wondered what he meant.... top of the stairs in your large room, they moved quickly and effectively from me ignoring my protests against Sarah Katie rapetube is up the stairs. stripped to reveal what appeared to be larger breasts rapetube than I remembered. was confirmed that the surgery was over and was now a 38DD. I longed to cup said in my hands, 'the time of the evening' was me. was there wearing only a deep expected ' waspie ' keys - belts, one of the same depth bra, black stockings, black ' hipster ' style trousers, a pair of thigh boot -. Completed If you are Thigh - boots in time?, I was surprised so, the pleasure of seeing in the museum I had not noticed? You asked if I remembered what I said in the pictures we have of others, was on the whole Halloween wear. I knew exactly what he meant, my heart jumped, it was get-up of St. Trinian When I answered, he opened a cupboard and a box of makeup and some clothing, I knew I they wanted without. was nervous, Katie Sarah could know that they were lovers, but they went too far with them in the house! ' do not worry, they go out,' I looked at my watch, it was surprising just rapetube became lunch. So she opened the window and sat make a little worried. You have my makeup style of the wig and I left GEtn is the one wearing clothes once known Once completed and fully clothed, fully in the school tie, white ruffled underwear I carefully descended the stairs to hear Sarah Katie, ready to jump into the upstairs . I'd put heels a few times, but not enough to have confidence in them in a stairwell. I'm down to see them in a long coat rapetube on top after he just hang up. ' Who was that? ' I asked ' Oh, a friend in rapetube the area. Do not worry, I said to the guests. shrugged the jacket, it would be in the drive to explain to buy milk, with 2 bottles. went on TV and took a movie off the shelf put on the video has milk in the kitchen. rapetube that caught my attention to the screen, is a She- male video was Paula was always a preference for them. Two shemales suck each other in 69 was to Asia for use rather to collect blue Basque. the other blonde was in what looked like a team St. Trinians, dressed exactly likemine! When I saw the tall blonde transvestite is part of the address of the camera. I was stupid - as if it is Sarah, she had a twin. I started calling Paula, but when the door opened, it rapetube was Paula, but Sarah has the same clothes. are each curve, a small pair of breast tenderness hugs.... barelyconcealed and a big dent in the front of the Rock If it is true, Sarah was also a transvestite. came and sat on the couch beside me and took my hand in it led to her crotch. not the preliminary round with this girl. When I lift the skirt of Sarah, began to have access, Paula entered. Her panties were gone, and his erect cock was proud of how I remembered it was too shiny, moist. I started thinking it was a set-up must have been planned, when they went to the toilets in the museum. Now Katie came and yes, it really was a maids uniform, now longskirt distance was easy to say. Paula was obviously sucking rapetube cock before arrival, when he could see,a light shine on the lips Paula came to me and kissed me, I could feel the cum in her mouth, pushing a viscous mass in my mouth preparation. , should be kissed on the lips of Katie come. sat on the opposite side of Sarah and came to my lap and stroked my thigh in a smooth motion. Katie came and stood before me smiling and shy to ask, ' Anything I can do for you rapetube ** K ' ' I want to see your breasts, please, Katie ' hand with these words and shrugged the axils of the upper shoulders. Paula was great, I knew them intimately, but Katie was so round. I've tried to think of a comparison, but in my state to be confused, the best thing I could think was Anna Nicole Smith. I leaned forward and stroked Paula realized that Sarah had begun toys together, leaning over me. Katie turned her back to me, then move behind rapetube the uniform lying on her hips and pushed to the ground. All I could think was, 'Have I died gone to heaven' Katie Taround urned to his crotch with one hand and stepped back to me. ' pussy, and ' I thought. He took her hand and a huge monster cock sprang to me, must rapetube have at least 9inch long. How on earth has maintained that under the guise of 'What gave it to me for my Mouha open. I think I spent enough time, for now, but ended this afternoon with me through all three fucked, sucked every 3 to suck in various combinations. was my ' first saliva -Roast '( as Americans call it) Paula pisses me off, Katie 's cock halfway down my throat and balls Sarah tounging my ass as I masturbated outside to splash in the face . with time I managed to stagger out of the house after relocation and removal of all makeup. My ass was no sign of his coming rapetube with dripping dripping bright, but I have promises back next week. Paula said that she could ask a real girl that connects sometimes rapetube come. can not wait, I'll go in LeedsDowntown to buy some of the thighs tomorrow ' scanties ' -. Boots of my own The next meeting is with me, I just hope the neighbors
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